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Protect yourself emotionally and financially!

no comments 03 Apr 2017

Working as an escort may sound fun, glamorous, luxurious and easy, but every escort finds out soon enough, after entering this line of work, that working as a companion comes with a lot of perks but also with a lot of things to look after – like the financial, emotional ...

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Fight LOW SELF-ESTEEM and get back in the escorting game!

no comments 29 Mar 2017

You are thinking of yourself as being not good enough, you self-proclaim as “just a hooker”, you turned from a lively extrovert into an introvert, because of the negative reactions you’re getting when people find out what you do for a living? Or maybe you put on a joyful mask, ...

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How to deal with an old email you forgot to reply to!

1 comment 15 Mar 2017

Let’s admit it, none of us is a saint and it often happens that we forget to return a call or answer an email and this is available also in the escorting world. But, what’s important is to know how to repair the damage and avoid your delay ruin a ...

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Great orgasms, perfect for your heath!

no comments 28 Feb 2017

Ladies, do not neglect yourself when it comes to the big O! Yes, as a professional escort, your client’s satisfaction is your main priority, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an amazing time and a great orgasm meanwhile, especially when we know how many amazing health benefits an ...

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Sex practices from porn, you should not try with your clients!

1 comment 01 Feb 2017

We all watch porn and we are impressed by the amazing stamina, positions practiced and performance of the porn stars, but while some of the moves seen in porn can be great to replicate in bed, others are simply unhygienic and have nothing to do with real sex in real ...

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