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Sex Trends You Cannot Miss!

no comments 26 May 2017

The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 has brought on the erotic scene some exciting new trends that cannot be missed by the adventure lovers! So, if you want to stay connected to what is hip right now, check out the sex trends listed below and make sure to offer your dear ...

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Dress Codes Explained. Learn to dress according to the event you’re attending!

no comments 11 May 2017

From black tie to business, formal or casual, the dress code varies a lot and, as a high-class escort, it is very important for you to know exactly what each dress code means in terms of clothes and accessories, especially now when there are so many other declinations from the ...

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Do you have a latex allergy? Check out the condoms you can use!

no comments 04 May 2017

Latex allergy is a thing and it can come with some nasty symptoms and reactions if you don’t figure it out in time and act accordingly! As an escort, having a latex allergy means that most of the condoms on the market are not good for you, and can cause you ...

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Escorts and social media, a winning combination!

no comments 28 Apr 2017

Are you an independent escort or an escort agency? Either way, staying ahead of the curve and being visible in the places where your clients are present is a must. That’s why, social media is tha place to be, for all the elite, high-class escorts that are trying to attract ...

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Choose your escort name wisely!

no comments 05 Apr 2017

Choosing your adult entertainer name can seem to be the easiest task when starting working in the escorting industry, but, as easy as it may sound, it can also be really tricky. And we say that because your escort name says more than you think about you, about your services ...

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