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How to Advertise as a Small Town Escort

3 comments 07 Aug 2015

So far we’ve mostly talked about escorting as an urban inner-city experience, and while companions who live in big towns are quite possibly the most known, living in a small town doesn’t mean you can’t be an escort. Quite the contrary, there are some pros to take advantage of, and, of course, their counterparts ...

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How to React to Bad Reviews

1 comment 29 Jul 2015

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the importance of getting good reviews, but we think it’s also time to tackle the subject of bad reviews, which most escorts will eventually get if they haven’t gotten them already. Regardless of whether you’ve made some mistakes or behaved inappropriately with a client (which, let’s ...

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5 Approaches to Keep Your Escorting Legal

1 comment 23 Jul 2015

The question to just how legal escorts are differ from country to country, but if you phrase your services a certain way, well, there’s no way to consider your activity illegal. Just think about it, you’re paid for your companionship and time, not for sex. Of course, what happens behind closed doors between you ...

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What Kind of Escort Are You? Six Escort Types

3 comments 17 Jul 2015

This article is dedicated to the novices in the escort industry and to the agencies looking to diversify their companion listing, but it can also apply to experts in the field, so wherever you might be, don’t pass it off. Now, before proceeding with the rest of the article, you need to forget ...

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How to Make the Most of Part-Time Escorting

1 comment 13 Jul 2015

There are quite a lot of companions in the industry who only work part-time. Some of them happened upon the job by chance – they were either propositioned and accepted, or simply needed some quick cash during tough times. Regardless of the way they started, many part-time escorts do not advertise as well as ...

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