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Tell your date you’re an escort

2 comments 02 May 2024


When working as an escort being able to maintain a healthy work – personal life balance is important for your wellbeing and general state of mind. But when you are dealing with people’s traditional way of thinking and misconceptions around the sex working topic, being an adult service provider and having a normal personal life that involves regular dating, can be really challenging.

Now, you’ve found a potential partner you are vibing with, someone with whom you wish to pursue a potential traditional type of relationship. So, what do you do, how are you going to tell him that you work as a professional escort?

This question is always tricky because there is no right or wrong way to tell someone that you are a sex worker/a professional escort/ or a high-class companion.

But here are the most common ways to do it:

1.      Make it clean and simple.

·       The simplest way of letting your partner know that you are an escort is by clearly mentioning it in your dating profile description, if you are looking for a date on a dating app.

·       If the date is someone suggested by a friend, you can ask that friend to let him know in advance that you are an escort, or a former escort…as you wish to put it, so that he can decide before setting the date if he is comfortable with this or not.

·       If someone asks you out on a date in person, at an social event, in the club, at a restaurant and so on, if you want to rip the band aid right from the beginning tell him about your profession and see if he is still interested.

This is a bold move, that requires a lot of courage, but that also helps you avoid a lot of future trouble. And when you tell your potential date in advance about your activity as an escort you also avoid getting emotionally invested and disappointed if things won’t work out.

2.      Test the field!

Another way to let your date know you are working as an escort, or a sex worker is to test the field in advance. So, you’ve been dating for a couple of times now and you haven’t got to tell him what you do for a living. Maybe the question didn’t come up in your conversation or you’ve masterfully avoided it. But you can’t keep it like this forever, so you need to come up with a plan.

The best thing to do when you are not sure on how to approach the situation is to test the field. Bring the conversation around the topic of escort dating, ask him if he or his friends have ever date and escort and how he thinks about that, ask him about his openness when it comes to relationships, about jealousy, about boundaries and personal beliefs.

This way you can form an opinion on how he will react to your news about you being a professional escort.

If his answers are not encouraging, you can either take a step back and end the relationship before you get too emotionally invested or try to slowly change his opinion about escort dating and about being with a woman that has or had that type of profession.

3.      Keep it to yourself.

You really like the guy, and you are not ready yet to have the talk?

Or you are not feeling strong and composed enough to have this discussion yet, and you try to grow your relationship and his attachment towards you first, before letting him know about your profession?

Either way, although not speaking the truth from the very beginning is not encouraging, we can understand your reluctance to do so. Keep in mind though, that such secret should not be kept for long, and that even if you are no longer online, working as a professional escort anymore, the world is small, the internet has a way to “remember” and store information, and such things tend to come out in the open sooner or later.

What would you choose? Are you currently dating in your personal life? How is that working out for you? We are curious to know more on this topic.




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Thassia VIP: 3 May 2024, 10:21

Good topic! I prefer to remain silent.💋
Charlottelunsford910: 23 May 2024, 16:42

I fell in love with an escort and she expertly used my feelings to empty my bank account.
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