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5 Ways to Avoid Sleep Deprivation

1 comment 17 Sep 2018

No matter if it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter, you will inevitably find yourselves sleep deprived. Every season can turn into a very busy period for you. Attending to the needs of a client may be fun and all, but it can also get tiresome.

Summer has been an especially busy season for you, hasn’t it? You’ve had to keep company during exotic trips, business trips, and so on. Which can only mean that now you’re feeling exhausted and in need of at least several weeks to recover. Be very careful the next time you think of booking lots of clients over a short period of time. A serious lack of sleep will affect your immune system, keep your energy levels really low, give you dark circles that no amount of makeup can hide, and even cause depression.

We have some tips for you to avoid sleep deprivation no matter where you are or how many hours you’ve travelled by plane, car, and so on.

Eat the right foods

First, let’s see what foods to avoid if you don’t want to spend a restless night. Anything that’s too spicy, for instance, is no good. Stay away from green tea and dark chocolate, too. Countless cups of coffee and lots of alcohol are no-go, either. Moderation is key.

Some of the foods that help you sleep well are kiwi, hot milk, and pistachio. The kiwi should be eaten an hour before you go to bed. It will help you fall asleep quickly and improve sleep quality. Why? Because it contains high levels of serotonin, a chemical which makes you happy and contributes to a general state of well-being.

Hot milk is a universal remedy that will make it easy for you to rest well. Pistachio is a type of nut that contains lots of vitamin B6. This vitamin makes us humans enjoy the same serotonin benefits found in kiwis.

Sleep 7-8 hours a day

Docs say it all the time: sleeping less than seven hours every night contributes to many health problems. Your brain won’t function to its maximum level, you’ll feel disoriented, stressed out, sad, tired all the time, and so on.

Listen to the experts and sleep 7-8 hours per night if you want to feel fresh and ready for your bookings. We also recommend napping, especially between dates. Your energy levels will be high and your client will pat themselves on the back for choosing you. Those bedroom activities will be much more intense once your high energy levels kick in!

Stick to a routine

Many of us like to do different things before calling it off for the day. Some read a few chapters from a book, others prefer to drink hot milk. When you’re in a new city, it’s essential to stick to your favorite routine. Your body will recognize what you’re doing and that you’re doing the same as usual. Hence, you won’t have trouble falling asleep. If you do have problems, get up from bed and watch TV or listen to your favorite songs. If worse comes to worst, you will spend a sleepless night. It’s OK, it happens to many escorts. Just make sure you eat properly, stay hydrated, and wear make-up to hide your dark circles.

Bring your favorite pillow

This is especially great for those of you who travel a lot and sleep in different hotels each time. Having the right kind of pillow makes it super easy to fall asleep and wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. Plus, your back and neck will thank you later.

Try supplements

Melatonin supplements are perfect for those moments when you’re experiencing moderate to severe jet lags. Be sure to stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks. Instead, drink plenty of water and take a nap before you arrive to your date’s place or they come to the hotel you’re staying at. Also, get as much natural light as possible on your days off in another city or country.



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sexylisa: 21 September 2018, 05:57

Excellent advise. I am buying more kiwis and pistachios!
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