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7 Tactics on How to Become an Elite Escort

0 comments 08 Jul 2015

We’ve all heard the stories of beautiful women suddenly becoming VIP escorts more or less by accident, but if you’re waiting for that to happen to you, you’re better off playing the lottery. Sure, happy accidents happen in every industry, especially when your particular skill set is innate for many people. Envying the lucky ones or looking up to them won’t get you anywhere though. There’s no quick recipe for becoming an elite escort. It might happen to you all of a sudden, but you mustn’t rely on it.

Most VIP companions have worked their asses off to get to where they are, but we rarely hear about them. That’s because they’ve been doing this for several years and they know the importance of anonymity and discretion when working with high-end customers. The companions who gain elite status by accident most of the times don’t know how to maintain it on a long-term basis. They begin relying on sugar-daddies, and when safety kicks in, so too does boredom in the case of the client. Sure there are the lucky few who stay in the game practically forever, but you can’t rely on any of this.

Considering all this info, it’s time you started working on achieving elite status. Here’s our tips on how to do just that!

1. Ask for elite rates. It’s just like poker. If they want the chance to have an encounter with you, the high-rollers have to put in a big buy-in. If you have average prices, they’ll never book you. Who wants ‘affordable’ when you can have ‘luxury’?

2. Improve your appearance. We don’t mean getting surgery. Invasive procedures are up to you and you alone, and aren’t a necessity in this industry. What is an absolute necessity in attracting high-end clients is looking great. Cheap outfits and a kitschy look will get you nowhere. Drop the perm and the impossibly long nails and opt for the chic look. Consult a stylist for the best results and a professional photographer for the best photos.

3. Attend elite events. Know what’s happening around your area and the places the high-rollers hang out in. You want to be seen in luxurious places if you want to attract the right clients.

4. Be different. Set yourself apart from the rest. Don’t chase clients, but rather make them chase you. Study yourself carefully and see what’s unique about you and your skills and make those elements pop.

5. Be picky. Your time is valuable and your availability limited, and this is what you want your clients to understand. If you want to gain elite status, you have to focus on this, so forget about disrespectful or snappy clients who try to barter. There’s no more room in your life for that.

6. Be prepared to travel. Make your prospective customers understand that you’re willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. You are a companion after all, and will always be by the side of your clients when they need you.

7. Adopt this elite persona. It’s not enough to want to become a VIP escort, you have to adopt this new persona completely. Fake it at the beginning, it doesn’t matter. Stay constant. Don’t be a snob, but do become a little more picky and always remember how an elite escort would act.

Are you ready to become an elite escort?

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