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Fight LOW SELF-ESTEEM and get back in the escorting game!

0 comments 29 Mar 2017

You are thinking of yourself as being not good enough, you self-proclaim as “just a hooker”, you turned from a lively extrovert into an introvert, because of the negative reactions you’re getting when people find out what you do for a living? Or maybe you put on a joyful mask, laugh out loud and joke around, so that the ones around you can’t see how much you’re hurt by their critiques and judgemental looks? You feel the need to shout to the world that you are more than just an escort, you are also a smart, educated, fun, joyful and compassionate human being?

In that case my darling, you’re having an image crisis and a low self-esteem! But all that can be changed if you are willing to see past your low self-confidence and overcome two sickening behaviors: telling yourself that you’re not good enough and projecting an image of success that you feel you’re not capable of reaching.

Change those two ways of thinking and you will manage to overcome your insecurities and pump up your self-esteem! Also, keep in mind that both low self-esteem and low self-confidence come from how we emotionally feel about ourselves and not from how others are seeing us. Start by loving yourself, your body, your personality, your profession and focus more on yourself and not on what others think or talk. Remember that if you radiate confidence and self-worth, others will follow!

Erase the “perfect” image of yourself, from your mind!

You feel like a failure and less than you could be? That’s because of the image of perfection that you’ve set for yourself in your mind. Stop creating such “perfect” mental images of how you should be, and stop believing that you should perfectly fit the image that exists in your mind. This way you eliminate the self-rejection and the self-judgement.

You are not defined by your profession. Your personality is the one that matters!

You are who you are and being an escort does not define you! It’s just a job, a way of earning money or even having fun and experiencing in bed and that’s all! Being an escort does not alter the way you see the world, your hobbies, your style or your personality and if someone from your inner circle thinks otherwise, maybe you should consider letting that person behind and exclude it from your personal life!

Stop creating goals that are harder and harder to reach!

Reaching our goals may not change our emotional state and the way we feel about ourselves! That means that even though, for example, you’ve got your academic diploma, you have your own house, you make a good living and you are a good member of the society, that doesn’t mean that reaching all these goals will automatically improve your self-esteem and the way you think the world sees you, because you may put higher goals in front of you, to achieve!

Do not try to create the perfect YOU!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be the image of yourself that you have created in your mind! Stop creating the perfect images of how you should be or how you should act and just live in the present. Our own beliefs are the ones that create all the negative emotions, the insecurities and the fears in our head!

Tools to overcome the low self-esteem and insecurities:

1.      Live in the present

Stop thinking of how your life should look like, or where you should have been, this time in your life and just focus on the present. This is the most important thing, and the way you are now it’s what matters. Choose how you want to be right now, and stop focusing on how you wish you were. Be the best version of yourself right now, in this moment and take it one step at a time!

2.      Try creating a personal journal

By writing down all your thoughts and feelings, you will manage to separate who you really are from who you think you are. Who knows, maybe you’ll see that who you are right now is way better than who you were expecting to be!

3.      Stop judging yourself

When you’ll remove the judgemental filter from your eyes, you’ll see that you and your life are not that bad after all! We are our worst enemies and our biggest critiques, so cut yourself some slack and just be proud of who you are and of all the efforts you’ve been putting in getting here!

4.      Try meditation and connecting with yourself

This way you manage to let go of all the bad thoughts in your mind and accept the fact that those are just passing believes and not a part of yourself. Also, it helps you to stop self-sabotaging yourself when you think you’re not good enough. By practicing meditation and staying connected to yourself you will also get to filter the transiting bad thoughts and bad moods, from your actual way of thinking and being.

5.      Look at everything like a first-timer!

Look at everything like you’ve been seeing it for the first time. Try this exercise: wake up in the morning and start feeling enthusiastic about the day, like you are doing everything for the first time. This way you program yourself to be positive and you also stop yourself from responding to everything in the same old, bored and negative way!

Don’t forget about the importance of self-compassion! Love and accept yourself and you will soon heal from your fears.


These are just a few things to keep in mind if you are having problems with your self-esteem. Try making these changes in the way you perceive yourself and if you don’t see and feel any improvements, then you should go see a therapist. Don’t linger in this state of mind because it is self-destructive and bad for your state of mind and your overall health!

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