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Should I retire from being an escort? Here are a few signs to consider!

1 comment 04 Jul 2017

When working as a professional escort for a long time, knowing when it’s time to retire can be hard, especially when you have such hectic lifestyle, with an extremely busy schedule, numerous trips abroad, events and new dates. But the signs are out there, you just have to take your time and understand them. Do not let yourself get trapped into the madness of a busy schedule, because ignoring the signs of retirement can cause you more harm than good, especially when you haven’t had time to create a private life for yourself, outside the escorting world.

So, we advise you that, from time to time, to take a weekend off, go on a quiet and relaxing destination and meditate on where you are now, what you want for yourself in the future and when you plan on turning those dreams into reality. This way, you won’t find yourself missing the train or being to mature for certain experiences that you really wanted to have but hadn’t had the time for.

We have to life in the present and enjoy what life gives us right now, but we also have to check the clock from time to time in order to see if we are in schedule for the future that we want for us. Don’t let time slip right past you, make plans and stick to them. You may find yourself having second thoughts or different wishes for your future, but that’s ok, that’s what the time out is for, to reconsider your life and your plans and make something for yourself!

Here are some of the warning signs that are meant to show you that it’s time to retire from being an escort:

1.     When age is a factor

If you are a young, hot babe you can market yourself just like that. When you turn into a mature, sexy woman, you can promote yourself as a cougar or a MILF, and when you go past that moment, you can be the naughty adult entertainer. But at a point, when you see that your age sets you back on the escorting market, maybe it is time to step back and enjoy life outside the escort world.

Also, another situation when age becomes a problem, is when you want to create a life for yourself, outside escorting, especially when you want kids. You must think this through and decide if you want to step out of the escort world when the child appears into your life and when you want that to happen.

2.     When you just don’t feel like doing it anymore

This might just be a passing faze, or it may not. That’s why you should take some time off when you feel like not doing the escort job anymore and just rethink your life and your plan. You may discover that it was just a passing feeling or you may discover that you just don’t find the excitement and the pleasure of being an escort anymore, so why force yourself into something that you no longer like to do?

3.     The health problem

If you find yourself in poor health, or the doctor tells you about slowing things down and taking care of yourself more, well that should be a wakeup call to leave escorting behind and just focus on yourself.

If you have a condition that requires a certain lifestyle, that is also a sign of retiring from the escorting business!

4.     When you are financially stable

If you started escorting just to gain financial stability and now you find yourself ok financially and with a good bank account, maybe it is time to start thinking about investing more into your personal life.

5.     When you haven’t ticked anything from your bucket list

You have a bucket list and you find yourself in a point in your life where you haven’t crossed anything off of it, because of lack of time and lack of attention to your personal life? In that case, maybe you should retire, or at least take a break from escorting and start doing things from that list of yours, things that will make you happy and fulfilled.


We are all individuals, different and unique, so the things that push you into retirement may be different from the ones we’ve stated above, but the most important thing you need to understand out of this article, is the importance of YOU!

Take some time to think about what you really want to do with your life from a certain point on and work towards that goal. Do not let different life events take you off track and always keep your eye on the final target!

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SABINE LECLAIR - SENSUAL, SEXY: 28 July 2017, 19:37

I am 38 now and I was really hoping I could T least get another ten years out of this thrilling industry. I love what I!
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