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5 Best Christmas Sex Positions

0 comments 21 Dec 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, dear escorts. Have you already prepared everything you need on this special occasion? If your Santa’s little helper outfit is on point and the Christmas tree is up, then you’re good to go. The only thing you need to do now is welcome those clients who booked you for a night to remember.

Can we give you a bit of a friendly advice? We bet you want to have the most positive reviews ever in order to boost your escorting job. For that to happen, you’ll have to get as creative as possible. Especially during Christmas Eve and the day after. Not to worry: we have the best sex positions for you to try with your partner. Trust us, the both of you will enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

A lil’ bit of frolicking by the fireplace

This position is best aimed at those of you with a romantic side. Having a sexcapade by the fireplace is one of the most intimate feelings ever. You’ll create a deeper connection with your date. Plus, you’ll get to touch and be touched in the most delightful places of your body. Nothing says “omg” than getting all close and personal like that. Sensations will multiply and by the time you’re both done, you’ll have to crack the window open.

To get the most out of this particular position, your date has to sit cross-legged on the floor. Next, sit in their lap facing them. Now wrap your legs around them and hug them for better stability. Enjoy.

Do the reindeer

There’s nothing like this move to have your clit stimulated. Before you can feel anything, you’ll need to get on all fours on a soft surface. Tell your client to kneel behind you for better aim and make sure their upper body is held straight up. They can also try having their upper body wrapped all over you.

Get ready to feel all wet down under, ladies.

Mrs. Claus on top

If you prefer to be in control during those sexy times, this position is the best one to try on Christmas. Kneel on top of him or her and push off their chest. Next, slide up and down at the same time. This will make your partner want to support your weight by grabbing your hips or your thighs. Doing all of that will give the both of you the most intensely bed-shattering orgasms. You can believe us on this one.

Santa’s hot helper

Wanna have your own little elf giving your vagina the attention it needs? You can now fulfill your fantasy with the help of your client. For starters, get on your sofa or a comfortable chair. Spread both of your legs out and have her or him kneel in front of your honey pot. Tell them to use their tongue on it. Now get ready for lots of oooh’s and aaah’s!

Sweet mother of cunnilingus

If you love oral sex done on you, you’ll love this move. Think of it as the popular mistletoe action but with your coochie being kissed instead of your mouth. To make things more exciting, ask your client to suck on some candy canes before concentrating on your vagina. All done? Here’s where the fun beings.

First, make sure you’re on your back and your legs are spread open. Your date should now bite ever so softly along your thighs. They need to alternate between this and kisses, be they soft or slurpy. Once you start to moan, let them know that they can lick your cookie.

Wishing you the most orgasmic Christmas, dear escorts! 😊

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