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Bad dating manners and how to fight them!

0 comments 10 Mar 2021

As a professional escort you’ve probably been on tens of dates, seen all kind of men and been exposed to all kind of behaviors. But how many of those dates could you rate as being a ten out of ten?

The fact is that most men, and women if we want to be completely honest, tend to have all kind of off-putting habits during a date, so what can we do about it?

Well, we can address the problems that we’re most frequently facing, by stating all the do’s and don’ts on our escort profile/website, or we can learn how to address all this criticism in a positive way, because, as we all know, there’s a better chance of catching more flies with honey, than with vinegar.

Here are a few of the most frequent dating behaviors men have when spending time with an escort, and the positive criticism that we suggest you use to address them!

      1.     He’s constantly running late

Negative criticism: “You’re not good at all at arriving on time. This upsets me and messes up my entire day and all my other appointments.”

In this case a good and efficient thing to do is move the focus from him to you. So, instead of accentuating what he’s doing wrong, tell him what you can do better if he would come in time. This way he doesn’t feel like you’re attacking him, and he may get a sense of what he’s missing by not being on time.

Positive criticism: “I would love doing all the things that you like if we would have some more time together. Unfortunately, I run on a very tight schedule and when you arrive late all I can do is stick to the initial program, without being able to extend the time dedicated to you.”

Don’t be passive-aggressive, don’t attack him and don’t act as an angry girlfriend. He has that at home, and he doesn’t need that from you.

Yes, your time is precious and him coming late can mean you having to give yourself less time for yourself between dates, or even having to delay all your appointments, but you have to keep it classy and professional.

2. He’s looking unsatisfied

Escorts book photo shoots to have good quality material for their website/profile on directories, and a photo shoot implies a certain makeup and type of high-end clothes. Or they use filters to mask certain skin imperfections.

But most times men seem not to get the difference between a person in her daily life and the same woman dolled up for a photo. And this is where the disappointment appears.

Maybe he envisioned her skinnier, curvier, with fuller shapes, blonder, sexier or he just simply doesn’t feel the chemistry, and that’s absolutely fine but that doesn’t mean he is entitled to act unhappy about it, to make a scene or to be rude. But most men are acting exactly like that so here is a way to offer him a positive criticism.

Negative criticism: “If you don’t like what you see, you’re free to leave, but don’t just stand here acting like a total jerk.”

Positive criticism: “I feel like this date is not going the way you were expecting and that maybe I am not fitting your mental image of me, but what I suggest you is to stay open minded and let things flow and I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If not, no worries, we can call everything off, but let’s do it in an elegant manner.”

3. He’s texting or taking calls

Yes, we live in a digital age where we’re constantly online, constantly on social media, checking our emails, our news feed or our messages, but doing that during a date it’s totally rude and we get it if you feel like saying a thing or two to the date that does that during your time together, but instead of getting agree and sending him cold looks, maybe you can try sweet talk him out of this annoying habit.

Positive criticism: “I was so excited about this date and I can’t wait to offer you my entire attention, that’s why during our time together I will take a break from all my devices so I can be 100% here for you, and if you do the same for me, I bet you’ll have the most intense escort date of your life.”

Leading by example is the best way to obtain the desired behavior from your date. So, instead of calling him out on spending too much time online, you should address the situation as something that you are ready to do and invite him to join you in this experience. This way he won’t get defensive and leave you with a bad review.

4. He has a hygiene problem

If your date has a hygiene problem and he comes at your place after a long day of work, after a bike ride across town or after drinks with his pals, you are completely entitled to be grossed out, but you just have to be extremely polite about it if you want a good review and a client that will book you again.

So, you can’t just be blunt about it and say it out loud “for the love of God, just take a shower before dating me”. Instead, you can be more subtle about it and start with a compliment and then go for the suggestion.

Positive criticism: “I just love the smell of soap on a man’s body. Maybe we can start our date by taking a shower together and let things go from there.” Or “I love how masculine and sexy you look, but I want you all sexy and refreshed so that you can handle all the things that I have prepared for you. Maybe you should take a shower and freshen up a bit, while I get ready for you.”

If the subtle suggestions don’t work, then you can say that you have a strict policy on hygiene that allows you to offer your dates all the services promised on the service list. If the hygiene aspect is not respected, you can call of the date and postpone it for another time.

It’s important to keep it simple, to smile and have a warm, kind tone of voice, so he won’t feel offended and slam you online.

These are just a few of the situations an escort faces on a daily manner, and the indignation is completely justified, but keep in mind that you can always turn the negative criticism into a positive one, and this will lead to better reviews of your services and into clients that come back for more dates.

Always offer suggestions, lead by example, give a compliment for every criticism, don’t accuse him directly, tell things from your perspective and be specific without beating around the bush.


What nasty things your dates did during your time together? How did you react to all that? Share with us your experiences and let’s create together a list of “what not”, addressed in a positive manner.

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