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Bedroom Encounters vs. Event Escorting

1 comment 03 Apr 2015

Many escorts dream about going out to events, clubs, dinner and doing more than just a short-lived 1-2 hours spent inside a room with a bed. The question is: are they doing enough to achieve their dreams? Of course it’s better to spend an entire night with a client than see three, four or even five in one evening. You’d be less tired and you’d even have some fun or at least get to go out to new places. However, if you’re simply advertising sexual services, it’s no wonder that’s all that customers want to pay you for. Remember, your companionship is a service as well, so showcase it as such.

Today we want to offer a series of steps to turn yourself into an Event Escort. Go out for dinner to fancy restaurants. Accompany businessmen (or women) to conventions and various social events. After all, a good escort isn’t talented at the horizontal mambo alone. He or she is versed in the art of conversation and socializing (or should be). Make your clients feel like the luckiest people alive to have you at their side, even if only for a night.

1. Plan ahead. If you know something big is going on in your town, such as a convention, don’t start researching it two days in advance. Make a calendar, get informed and start advertising to that particular target group. Events you should keep your eyes on include medical conventions and IT congresses, but you can also look for international corporations in your town. Executives in big companies tend to travel a lot, so that could easily be your ideal unexplored territory all-year round.

2. Understand the differences. Booking just one client per night doesn’t necessarily mean more lucrative business, but it will certainly be much more relaxing than switching on/off between clients and taking time in between to reset. However, when you’re booking the sole client per night, you cannot afford no-shows. Be sure to get a substantial deposit (20% should be fair). After all, you are offering a VIP service.

3. Time to advertise. Once you know a convention or a wave of possible clients is just around the corner in two months or more, it’s time to write some ads accordingly. Forget about the classic ones you’ve been doing so far and get specific. If you want to get into events say that you are “an escort available for the XY conference”. Mention the city where it’s taking place. You can even start advertising six months in advance because even if the gentlemen aren’t looking that early, Google is always looking. Get yourself indexed well and constantly with the right keywords (city, convention + the type of companion you are) and when your possible clients start looking, you’ll be the first in their searches.

4. It might take a while.Throwing an ad six months in advance isn’t enough. You’ve got to constantly advertise your services. So write constant blog posts about it on your Escortbook website and suggest fun activities you and your clients can do while they’re in town. Your posts don’t have to be long; they just have to be constant and comprehensive (which means always mentioning the convention, period of availability and city).

5. Don’t forget the details.Set up a Paypal account, so your prospective client can send you the deposit, and in return offer him your contact info, and inquire as to how he would like to be contacted. If he’s booking you a couple of weeks in advance, he might not want to be bothered while he’s home. You don’t want his wife or family getting suspicious. Also, be prepared to offer alternative accommodation if your client is not comfortable receiving you at his hotel. After all, if he’s coming with several colleagues, he might not want them to know he is seeing an escort. Intimacy is key in all your planning.

Ready to start researching, dear agencies and escorts? Find out what conferences and conventions are coming to town and prepare accordingly.

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Escorte Privilège: 26 April 2015, 22:54

Merci pour ces précieuses informations :)
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