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Blur your photos as a pro and protect them from being stollen!

1 comment 31 Aug 2021

Image is everything, from the way you smile and pose, to the way you edit your photos, it’s all about how you choose to present yourself, and if you do it in a professional way, your chances of attracting more clients and dates, increases substantially.

But what happens when you want to protect your privacy and hide your face, while also uploading compelling and sexy photos in your photo gallery?

Most times failure happens, because we tend to over do it with the effects that we are using to cover our faces or just our eyes. Discretion and subtlety are vital when we want to keep our identity hidden from the world, while also trying to make a good impression on the guys that we want to have as clients.


So, here are some pointers to properly blur your face, or hide some specific features that may blow your cover as an escort!

Blur, Pixelate or cover with a Black Bar – these are some of the options you may have, to hide your entire face, or just your eyes, when working as an escort. Try your phone editing options and if you don’t find something to satisfy your needs, go on the app store and get an editing app that you can use to blur your face with.

Don’t overdo it! Don’t add stars or hearts to cover your eyes, don’t create wacky effect to cover your face, don’t put a puppy’s face over your own (yeah, that’s a thing and we’ve seen it used before), just keep it simple and natural so that your date can actually see the person he’s about to meet.

By using crazy effects in your photos, you risk of losing a lot of potential clients, especially high payers, because you leave the wrong impression, by posing as a goofy, unprofessional, newbie escort, with starts for eyes, or hearts/smiley faces/cat faces/galaxies/vortexes and so on, placed to cover your nipples or the genital area.

Use nipple tassels when taking a sexy photo of yourself and pose in a way that you aren’t offering a full show to your vajayjay, and you’ve got the nudity problem solved, instead of photoshopping a nude photo with all kinds of crazy images or patches.

Professional ways to protect your online photos!

1.     Watermark your escort photos

There are many free apps available that can help you add a watermark to your photos. Use a small, subtle, non-distracting watermark, maybe your escort name and place it on your website photos or on the photos you’re using on escort directories.

2.     No high-resolution pics

A photo that has no more than 1600px online is just enough to give the viewers a good idea of what you look like and of what they are going to get by booking you for a date, so stick to this photo resolution, because anything higher than this is a bad idea.

Someone that has access to your high-resolution photos can do whatever they want with your image: put it on flyers, use it as a cover photo for a website, put it on banners and so on. So, keep that in mind next time you upload photos on your photo gallery.

3.     Compress your photos

The next question that comes up naturally is: “If I can’t upload the photo at it’s normal resolution, what else can I do?”. The answer is simple: compress it! Compress all the photos you want to upload online, reducing the dimension of the image and its quality, making it unusable by others with bad intentions.



What other tools you’re using to hide your identity in online photos or to protect your photos from being stolen? We are eager to hear your feedback, so feel free to share your experience with us!

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Gege: 3 October 2021, 03:11

I don’t blur my photos. I’m really considering doing just that! I have family like most escorts do and to think about my photos being posted somewhere else online is quite scary. Even a watermark can be edited out of the photos!
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