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Choose your escort name wisely!

0 comments 05 Apr 2017

Choosing your adult entertainer name can seem to be the easiest task when starting working in the escorting industry, but, as easy as it may sound, it can also be really tricky. And we say that because your escort name says more than you think about you, about your services and your skills and about how your clients are perceiving you.

That’s why it’s important to think this through, take your time, make a list, check it a couple of times, sleep on it, make a shorter list, think some more and after a few days make a decision. Yeah, it’s that hard and that important and we are going to tell you exactly why!

1.      Your escort name should reflect the niche you are targeting

You have to think from the start to whom you want to address to, and what kind of escort you want to be. You want to be a medium escort with a higher number of clients, or maybe you want to be an elite escort, catering to a few big shot regulars? You want to be the sweet, kinky girl next door, or you want to be the lady that is invited to a fancy event? You want to keep it local or you want to extend your business worldwide? All those are legitimate questions to ask yourself, when deciding to join the escorting world, because once you’re out there, you can’t change overnight into someone else!

Choose a sophisticated name like Selena, Misha or Francesca if you are planning to promote yourself as a high-class, elite escort, or go for a sweet and simple name like Lola, Julia or Jessica, if you are planning to promote yourself as the hot girl next door.

2.      Do not go for adjectives

Using an adjective next to your “stage name” is just tacky so just don’t do it! There’s nothing, sweet, sexy or cute in an adjective like “naughty”, “playful”, “sexy”, “hottie”, placed next to your name. Keep those words for your description and away from your name if you want to be taken seriously by the rich guys. Keep it simple, classy and elegant and you will automatically attract the right kind of clients and regulars.

3.      Make your stage name meaningful

You admire a certain political woman figure, you really like a character from a book or a movie, or you are a huge fan of a certain author? Then use that as inspiration! The story behind your escort name will definitely be an ice breaker during a first date and you will also score some points with your partner. You will be seen as fun, educated and interesting and that will only help you expand your circle of clients.

Also, having a meaningful name will help you embrace the new character you’re playing even faster and will also help you feel natural and comfortable using it.

4.      Always do a background check on the escort name you’ve chosen

You have decided on a name that you feel happy to use when escorting? Then the next step to make is to browse the name on the Internet in order to see if it is associated with a negative figure – a dreadful politician, a criminal, a thief, a public figure and so on. If the search results are satisfactory, then go ahead and make it your own, if not, keep on brainstorming for new names.

5.      Avoid the popular escort names

There are some names that are extremely popular among escorts and you want to avoid that. You want to be unique, classy and memorable and your name to represent you. So, try to stay away from escort names like: Candy, Brittany, Cherri, Destiny, Sarah, Nikki, Eva, Jasmine, Tiffany, Katie, Lola, Charlotte or Jennifer, no matter how in love with those names you might me.

Think of different situations when your date will have to introduce you and try to place your name into that context – a fancy restaurant, a dinner date with business partners, a social event and so on. Does it fit? If not, maybe you shouldn’t choose it!

6.      Keep it easy to spell and pronounce

Your escort name should be easy to spell and pronounce, because studies have shown that a client that is not sure how to pronounce the name of an escort, will not call her at all. Also, use the spelling rule: if you find it difficult to spell out your own name, then the same will happen to your clients. They won’t be able to find you and contact you for further dates.

Another thing to consider is to choose a name that is easy to spell in all languages, especially if you are targeting an international clientele or if you are planning on touring different cities around the world.

7.      Protect your privacy by not revealing your real name

If you want to keep your personal life personal, then do not use your real name, no matter how forgetful you might be or how pressing the client is. Your personal life is your safe space where you can run from it all, take a break from escorting, have your hobbies, your friends and family, and this separation is very important if you want to stay sane and well balanced.

Have all these in mind when choosing your companion name and you will surely start off this escorting business on the right foot.

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