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Constructive vs. destructive criticism. How to handle it!

2 comments 14 Mar 2024


As an escort that meets new clients every day, facing criticism is part of the job. Dealing with different men with different personalities is challenging enough without adding into the mix the stress factor caused by all the criticism received both face to face and online.

If you know how to offer it, criticism can really add value to the quality of life of the person receiving it. If you know how to receive it, criticism may help you improve yourself or the services that you are offering!

Brace yourself in the face of critics and criticism. Learn to set clear boundaries and try to work on your emotional stability so that you won’t get knocked down by every malicious word that will come your way.

Learn to accept three things:

1.  Not everyone is going to like you or your style, match your energy, or appreciate your personality, and that’s ok because we are all different and that is what makes us so special.

2.  Not everyone is going to agree to everything that you are thinking or saying, and again that’s ok, because we are allowed to have different opinions as long as our opinions are not interfering with the freedom of the ones around us.

3.  Not everyone is going to be satisfied with your services, because each of us has different expectations and needs, and one person’s honey may be another one’s vinegar.

Do not take it all personally, agree to disagree, accept that we are all different individuals, and as long as no one becomes aggressive or confrontational, learn to just accept it and take a step back from what may turn into a toxic escort dating scenario.

The intention behind the criticism

In both giving and receiving, when it comes to criticism it is all about the intention behind it and the openness of the receiver. That’s why before knowing how to react in the face of criticism, the first step to take is knowing if the criticism you’re receiving is constructive or destructive.

How can you know if someone is giving you constructive criticism? Simple, by following a series of indicators such as:

·   Does this criticism consist in only stating the negative or is it coming with a solution, or a suggestion in the end?

·   Is the criticism linked to a specific example of behavior/service/affirmation that needs to be changed/improved/avoided by you so that you can improve your client satisfaction rate?

·   Does this criticism feel like a personal attack, makes you question yourself, and makes you feel uncomfortable, or does it push you to be better next time?

By getting the answers to these questions you can clearly identify if the person emitting the criticism is having your own interest in mind, and what he/she says is meant to be constructive and help you, or is a destructive criticism meant to bring you down.

If you learn to ignore the criticism that comes with harsh words that are not adding any value to both you and your services, you will be able to grow in a healthy manner.


Take what’s useful for you out of the criticism of others and see it as a challenge to be better and offer a better service. And remember, a constructive criticism brings value, while a destructive one brings only pain!

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Thassia VIP: 20 March 2024, 03:19

Thank You!💕💕💕
ANNA: 30 April 2024, 22:13

This is fantastic advice, really needed to hear this today thank you!
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