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Don’t ask me THIS!

1 comment 14 Feb 2024


As a professional escort that has seen a lot of different types of clients from all over the world, there are certain things that when you hear or experience, will instantly make you scream in exasperation. We are talking about the same old, annoying questions, the same desire to negotiate the fees, as if you are buying apples from the town’s market and the same rude behaviors.

So here is where we step in with a “here’s what not to as an escort” guide, that you can forward to your clients in advance when settling a date with you, or upload on your own personal website for all your potential clients to see.


Why are you working as an escort?

This question is highly inappropriate and rude, so make sure never to ask an escort why she is working in this industry. The decision to work as an escort, a sugar baby, a companion and so on, is a very personal one and is not your business to ask. Some escorts are doing this for fun, others because they love the thrill of dating, while some are doing it as a full-time job and as their main source of income.

How many men have you dated today till you’ve met me?

When you book the services of a professional escort you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. You know that she is a service provider, and when you book her for a date it means that you agree and understand her lifestyle. So, asking an escort how many men she has dated before you, or in general, is inappropriate of you and is also a major turn-off for her. Your main concern should be regarding her personal hygiene, cleanliness of the place you’re dating, discretion and having your expectations met, and you do that by talking in advance about these issues.

Can you offer a discount?

Some petty men use the chemistry factor as an excuse to get a free service or a discount. “We’ve really hit it off during our chat, can’t you make an exception and offer me a discount?”, or “We’ve both had a great time and I could see that you were enjoying yourself, why don’t we skip the booking, and just have fun casually?”.

These are the most used lines by clients that are looking to feed their ego by scoring a “friends with benefits” type of relationship. They misinterpret you enjoying yourself during your date, as a sign that he is doing an awesome job in bed, so he shouldn’t have to pay up next time.

But don’t forget, if she was looking for a relationship, she wouldn’t look on an escort directory. This is her job, the way she is earning a living so don’t be disrespectful!

Can you make an exception, just today, just for me?

Escorts have clear rules and boundaries, and as a respectful client you need to keep these in mind and respect her wishes. If there are things that the escort you are talking to is not doing, or is not open to, just step back, do not try to force her, and find another escort that is happily providing that service. So, just because she smiles at you and is friendly, that doesn’t mean you get to push your luck and insist on her doing something that she is not comfortable doing!

With such a client an exception is never a one-time thing, and he will always try to get more and more out of the woman he’s dating.


There are a lot more things you should never ask an escort, so we are eager to hear from you. What question do you hate the most?

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Sexy Escort Blondies: 27 February 2024, 04:43

Very good ! For some castomers !
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