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Get him hooked

3 comments 26 Nov 2020




Get him hooked. Go from one date to a regular client.




When working as an escort, having regulars is the best thing that can happen, because it provides you with a certain financial security and a sense of personal safety.  Knowing that the regulars that you are having will surely book you for a number of dates a month, offers you a certainty regarding your monthly income, and it is also safer and more convenient to date a man that you know things about, like how he treats a woman, what he likes in bed, what are his favorite conversation topics and so on.


So, the question is, how you make a man


 that you date for the first time,


book you once more and become one of your regulars?


Well, the answer is simple and is similar to what you should do if you want to hook a man and turn him into a long-lasting life partner: make him feel good, because men are drawn to women that are making them feel better about themselves.


Always look your best


Put an effort into your appearance, even though you might sometimes feel like your escort activity is dragging you into a rut. Wash your hair, do your nails, apply a touch of makeup to look fresh and sensual (don’t over do it, though), wear something that gives you a sense of confidence and seductiveness, and make him feel as if you’ve done all this especially for him, even though he may be your third date in that particular day.


When you do your best to look perfect, you’re actions tells him that you respect both yourself and his time, you know the importance of how we present ourselves and you have a great sense of style.


He may not notice the time and money you’ve invested in looking sharp for your date with him, but he will see you as a person that knows your value, your self-worth and will make him respect you and want to enjoy your company once more, because your presence makes him feel valued and appreciated.


Acknowledge his views and opinions


Men like to feel appreciated and acknowledged as powerful individuals with strong opinions. That doesn’t mean you have to boost his ego, but make his point of view understood and valued.


So, next time he’s expressing an opinion on a matter, actively listen to him by making eye contact, nodding your head and offering him a reply that shows you’ve listened to him, understood his point of view and find it interesting, or correct.


By showing that you get him, you’re making him feel good, and a man always returns to the woman that makes him feel good about himself, makes him feel listened, understood and happy.


Don’t be scarce with compliments


Not only women love a good, on point, compliment. Men also love being complimented, as long as the compliment feels real and connected to something specific.


So, next time you see him, you should compliment the way his shirt matches his eyes, or the well-though joke printed on his t-shirt, or if he put some music on, you may tell him that you really like the last song he has chosen. Keep it simple and real so that the compliment doesn’t feel disingenuous.


A strong woman makes a man want to stick around


Showing yourself as a strong, independent woman that is pursuing her goals and passions and lives a life that she enjoys, will drag him to you as a magnet. Nothing is more appealing and exciting that a woman that feels good about herself and about her life and oozes self-confidence and happiness.


Men are fascinated and intrigued when they see a woman enjoying everyday and living the life that makes her happy. So, tell him about your passions, about the fun things you do in your free time. Make it look exciting and perfect and he will spend his time wondering about what you are doing now and thinking of ways to be next to you.


We are drawn towards happy and accomplished people, because we want that for ourselves! Paint that image and he will come.


Make him feel desired


Yes, men like to feel wanted and desired too, so flirt with him a little. After your date ends ask him if he wants to stay in touch and if so, what means does he prefer – text messages, emails, phone conversations, and what time-table he wants you to respect, so that you won’t interfere with his private life.


After you find out those details, start sending him cute messages, ask him about his day, send him a cute photo, telling him how you’d wish he was there, then after a while pull out the big guns, sexy short clips of yourself, hot photos and seductive texts. He will be yours in no time!




Try our methods and let us know if they’ve worked for you. What tricks are you using to hook a date? We can’t wait to find out.

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Tammy T: 29 November 2020, 11:02

Excellent looking forward to trying.
Emily Bancs - Elite Companions: 7 December 2020, 14:56

Touch hands and look into there eyes while telling them you love to spoil him and be spoiled. Treat him like a king for the hour and it’s amazing how they melt in your hands: leaving them hungry for more is the key so give a little more each time and they become addicted
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