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Health Exams that Every Escort Should Have - Part III

0 comments 06 Dec 2019


Health is one of the most important things in life. When we feel great, the world’s our oyster, and we can accomplish so much stuff. When we’re down with the flu or anything else, the only thing we want to do is stay in bed. For an escort in particular, being healthy is crucial. Your body is, like we said back in part one, your investment. And you must protect it at all cost.  

Speaking of part one of our health series, we told you then what check-ups to go through when you’re in your 20s and 30s. For part two we mentioned the vaccines, screenings, and other stuff you should keep in mind if you’re 40+. Our aim today is to inform all of gorgeous 60+ escorts what steps to follow if you want to stay in tiptop shape. Both physically and mentally.

Screening tests

There’s four screening tests your doc will tell you about on your next visit. Two of them are HPV and Pap. They are used to confirm or deny cervical cancer. Depending on what your specialist says, you will do them either regularly or not that often.

Number two on the list: bone density screening. This is indicated when women turn 65. For those of you at high risk for osteoporosis and osteopenia, your medic will recommend this test sooner than 65.

Moving on, a colonoscopy must be done every 10 years. This procedure locates polyps, in other words small growths which can turn into colon cancer.

Escorts who are 60-74 have to get a mammography every 1-2 years. If you’re older than 74, go see your doc and they will suggest other procedures that are best for your age.

Keep your brain busy

You know the old saying “Use it or lose it”, right? Well, it applies when it comes to the brain, too. We always do so many things to keep our bodies in great shape that we forget about our neurons up there.

Keeping your thinking ability in amazing shape when you’re 60+ needs to be one of your main preoccupations. How to do that? Explore different cities, try new hobbies, read, or learn a new language. You could also learn how to play the guitar, piano, or any another instrument you’ve always loved. Do crosswords with friends or start a mini garden on your balcony. Whatever you do, don’t let your brain go into hibernation mode.

Immunization is key

Getting flu shots once or more per year is a must. Have you never had shingles? You should get vaccinated against it to prevent it from happening to you. It’s really painful when you have it, so why should you go through the ordeal? Immunize yourself against shingles even if you had it before. If you’re 65, get a pneumonia shot.

Say bye-bye to smoking

Cigarettes are some of the most destructive things ever invented. If you’ve been smoking for years, we sincerely and heartily recommend you quit. It’s never too late to kick an unhealthy habit, even if you’re in your 60s. Studies have shown that if you do that when you’re 65, you reduce the risks of lung cancer and heart disease.

Start strength training

True, losing flexibility and bone mass when you’re older is a thing that actually happens. Exercising and doing strength training on the regular will keep you in shape. Your muscles won’t shrink as quickly as they would from lack of exercise and this in turn will prevent accidents like frequent falls.

We want to thank you for the comments you left on our health series. And do let us know if you have other tips and tricks on this topic, as well as other subjects you’d like to read more about 😊

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