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How to be DISCREET as a provider?

4 comments 18 Mar 2022


“Discretion guaranteed”, “we’ll meet in a discreet location”, “I am a discreet escort”!

We all know that discretion is a service that sells when you are a provider, and that’s the reason why we often find in escort ads the phrases mentioned above. Yes, you are discreet, and you offer discretion, but what does that really mean, and how do you actually achieve discretion as a professional escort?!

This is the topic of our today’s article – what means to be a discreet provider and what are the things you must do to achieve that much-needed discretion that all clients are looking for when going to meet an escort.

Are you a discreet erotic provider?

Check out our advice below and see how many of the things that we mention, you can tick, and then you can see what you can improve or change.

First, what mean to be discreet? Being discreet is not attracting undesired attention towards you or your date; respecting the confidentiality of everything you do or talk with your clients, and doing everything in your power to avoid an embarrassing situation for both you and the person that booked your escort services.

There are three main things to have in mind when working as a sex provider that offers a DISCREET SERVICE:

·       the way you dress

·       the way you talk

·       the way you act

·       tour incall’s location

·       the questions you are asking


1.     Location, location, location

When you are an escort that does incalls, and as you probably already know, that means that you have your own location that you use to meet with your clients, the location of your incall is crucial.

You choose your location depending on your targeted clients. If you are targeting clients with mid to high income, then a central location is ideal for you, but if you are targeting the working class, then you should find something in the outskirts of town.

If you go for a central location, make sure your apartment is not situated near well-known restaurants, clubs or bars, or close to business buildings, because the chances of your date to run into someone he knows are higher, and that only leads to an embarrassing situation for him, or even a dangerous one if he is meeting with his partner, close friends or even family members. So, stay central, but not that central that your client may be seen entering your premises. This is what a discreet location actually is – a place that is easily accessible, but that offers a discreet entrance and even has some parking spaces nearby.

Also, choose a location that is not populated by older citizens because they tend to be nosey, look out the window more, and even peak through the cracked door to see who’s entering or leaving your place, and that may add to the discomfort of your date.

2.     Dress classy, not flashy

If you are meeting your date out in the town, make sure to keep your look classy with a hint of sexy, without overdoing it. If your date asked you to join him out for a night at a restaurant or a club, then he wants to feel proud of the arm candy that accompanies him. So, don’t be flashy or trashy, choose to wear something elegant that doesn’t attract too much attention, but when it does is unforgettable. A little black dress is always the answer, but make sure not to be too short or too revealing. Forget about bling, because your accessories should be refined and discreet, and make sure you wear proper heels – forget pumps and always go for a stiletto in a neutral color, like black, nude, or red.

By dressing elegant, without overdoing it, you offer your date both the satisfaction of being in the company of a beautiful and classy lady and the sense of discretion, because he most definitely doesn’t want to be seen as the guy with the escort by his side, when entering a restaurant.

If you are waiting for your date at your place, make sure that you are not too revealing when you open the door, because you may never know who is passing by. Yes, it is so hot to open the door for your client, all dressed in sexy, lace underwear, but there’s nothing sexy or relaxing at the thought that someone passing by, may see you naked and hint what type of date you are having.

3.     Too loud or too hyped is always a bad thing

If your date asks you to meet at a bar, or at a restaurant, or maybe he wants you to join him at a social event, always do your homework in advance: ask the name of the place you are attending, so you can google it later, ask if it will be only the two of you or more, so you can be prepared with good conversation topics, and always adapt your tone of voice and type of discussion topics, to the place you are in.

Don’t be too loud, don’t gesticulate too much, and look at the people around you, and if the vibe is soberer, act accordingly. This way you offer your date your charming company, but in a discreet manner, making room for another booking.

4.     Boundaries – respect them and don’t overstep

Asking questions about your client’s likes and dislikes is very important if you want to offer him more than just a quickie. But that doesn’t mean that you get to ask uncomfortable questions regarding his family, his sex life, or his sexual past.

Also, when you are in between sessions and take a break to cuddle, kiss, and talk, allowing him to recharge for the next round, even if the conversation seems so easy and you get to talk about various subjects, always avoid asking him things about his personal or professional like, that could make him feel exposed in front of you. Don’t ask him about his workplace, his position, his money, the places he frequents, and so on.


All these aspects, when fulfilled, are allowing you to say to your client, that you offer complete discretion! What other tips do you have for your fellow escorts when it comes to being discreet as a provider? We can’t wait to hear your input on this subject.

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Jenny: 24 March 2022, 11:37

Being discreet is not attracting undesired attention towards you or your date; respecting the confidentiality of everything you do or talk with your clients, and doing everything in your power to avoid an embarrassing situation for both you and the person that booked your escort services.
MonaLisa, Elite Companion: 28 March 2022, 12:56

This is great advice and I completely agree. It's about class not ass... Your dress is so important especially in public because he certainly doesn't want to be seen with a "hooker" but if you're dressed like one, then you risk exposing him which is not only rude and wrong, it's tacky...and remember we are about class and tact....also incall location is very important. You don't want somewhere too "rough" but you don't want a neighborhood too nice either because rich neighbors make nosey neighbors. And if it is an upscale area do not have people coming all hours of the night, again that's distasteful and trashy. You don't want to attract any attention to yourself you want to blend in and look like all the other neighbors...anyone would start asking questions if u had men coming all through the night. It's just not cool. You may as well be working on a corner if that's what you do. And that is soooo true about answering the door in your underwear. Again, it attracts attention and we want to do the opposite...on the outside we need to aim to look plain and blend in we never want to stand out if we claim to be discreet. If you're looking for attention the best place for you is on the corner somewhere but that's not what we as classy upscale and discreet escorts are about. And not only are you making a fool of yourself your losing business, and raising questions. There's a way to do anything. Some people have to learn the hard way but it makes it hard on the rest of us who know right from wrong. Again, class, not ass.
tpar45964: 1 April 2022, 06:28

eneteresting but sexy
Nuneya.Byznass: 10 April 2022, 00:58

I would also just like to add some input on the boundaries. You need to know that when you start to give or change ur ways or routine it becomes easier and more comfortable each time and it seems like you can always count on them to try at least once even the good guys that are gentlemen it eventually happens, so I explain to them it's nothing personal but I cannot allow my self to get in a habit of doing that. Also i try to make it clear to the client when they very first respond to my ad but in a very lady like way but a ladylike that has confidence and authority, I try to make sure they understand that if I suspect them lying, wasting my time, or most of all trying to argue with me about the donation or accomodations as in a way to Jew me down any of those behaviors will immediately and indefinitely lead to them being blocked then I try to playfully suggest that we decide who is is going to start the conversation and what topic they would like. Or maybe ask how Thier day/week has been. Never let them get in your head because if they are trying to do that then that lets you know the type of person they are which from my experience those type of people all seem to have a strategic way of setting a scene but with 1 ultimate goal and that's to take your independence and confidence then your power to stand up for your self. If you feel like they are trying to hard to pry into your mind set or way of thinking don't be afraid to speak up and politely flip it on them that way 1, they didn't install any type of fear bcos you shut it down at the instant you felt uncomfortable, 2 when you flip it on them if that wasn't Thier goal they will see how uncomfortable it feels when it's done back to them, 3. You can then start to shake the awkwardness and get back to a healthy mindset.
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