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How to be safe from agency scams

3 comments 13 Dec 2021

As an escort looking to make a name for yourself and a database of regular clients, the risk of running into a different types of scammers is huge. That’s why you should always be vigilant and keep your wits when receiving messages from unknown escort agencies, or when the agency you are looking to work with is requesting all kinds of weird things from you.

If you are an independent escort looking to work with an escort agency, or you are a newbie looking for an escort agency to offer you the support needed to get a jump start in this line of work, you will meet all kinds of scammers out there looking to rob you of your money. So, be vigilant, always do your research before contacting an escort agency or responding to a message received from an escort agency, and look for recommendations from other escorts or even clients.

Here are a few of the things, escorts should look for, to avoid agency scams:


       ·       Escort agencies should be focused on clients

When entering the website of an escort agency look at the messages that greet you, see who the agency is really targeting with their marketing campaigns and promotions, and what’s their way of presenting the escort profiles. If the agency’s full attention and all the selling messages are directed towards grabbing the eye of the potential client, that’s a good thing. If, on the contrary, the focus of the agency is directed towards attracting escorts, then that’s a red flag for you and you should think twice before going forward with that agency, as you can be dealing with an agency scam.

·       Clothes ON during interviews

If the escort agency you’re looking to work with is asking you to come for an audition, keep in mind that the audition should be exactly like a job interview, with questions asked by both parties – you and the agency, to see if both of you are ok with the conditions required to work together. There should be no audition that involves you taking your clothes off! And if that is requested from you, you should refuse immediately and direct your attention towards another agency, because you are most likely being scammed!

·       You should not pay the agency

When working with an escort agency keep in mind that you should not be asked any kind of money by that agency. So, do not give them money in advance or agree to work with them on a credit card payment system, where clients are paying by card for your services. You should only accept cash and nothing else! Also, be careful when it comes to the tone used on your profile: an escort is never looking for a partner for sexual favors, instead, the only thing she is promising is her time and undivided attention.

·       Your clients list is your own

As an escort you will soon start to create your own client list with the contact information of all the clients you are dating or about to date. This list is your own and no one else has the right to use it, so under no condition accept to give your client list to the escort agency. That client info that you possess is confidential and are for your eyes only, so keep it that way, even if the agency is selling the “we want to sell your escort services better by using our marketing specialists to create personalized messages for your clients” speech. This is just another agency scam when the agency is trying to rob you of your client list and use it for themselves.

·       Use escort agencies that are recommended by others

When looking for an escort agency to work with, to avoid agency scams as an escort try to go by recommendation. Ask other escorts you might know about the agencies they are working for, or about agencies, they have positive feedback on, or even ask your clients if they have used the services of an escort agency before and if they were happy with the way things went. And if the answer is yes, ask the name of that agency and start doing your own online research.



What other useful tips on spotting and avoiding agency scams as an escort do you have to share with us? We can’t wait to hear your input on the matter, as scammers are out there, and escorts need to poses the proper “tools” and knowledge to keep themselves safe!

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Kassia Bela: 21 December 2021, 09:41

Chicagoland becareful with “Jessy” an agent who tell providers to accept card payment and he never pays the escort. He has different websites. Cash only babes!
jennyleetr: 26 December 2021, 03:57

very usefull. thanks. if you knoww escort agencies let me kno. around qc et montreal
shnnmrph: 31 January 2022, 14:46

I've never had a good experience with having somebody else promote me I feel like I can sell me better than anybody else can sell me so what's the point? I'm not saying all agencies are the same but in Cincinnati Ohio the agency that's most common here consists of a 400 lb man sitting in his house literally drinking mountain dew and doing absolutely nothing to protect his girls and then collecting money off of them like an ATM. He requires you to have sex with him before you ever even meet a client he is absolutely appalling and honestly he's no better than any pimp or boyfriend who's living off of you in a hotel room but he claims to help girls get their lives together and save money I've never seen such things happen with this person so just be careful as far as who you trust with your whole business cuz we are an individual business individually we all are I've just never had good results with agencies but then again one experience is not all experiences
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