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How to deal with dates that are always late

3 comments 17 Sep 2020




Nothing is more infuriating then a date running late and turning that into a habit. We all know that guy that just can’t be on time no matter what, or the guy that not only is late to a date, but also doesn’t feel like announcing you in advance via a call or a text message.

The annoying thing about all that is the fact that you feel like your time doesn’t matter, like you’re not valued as a professional. But we all know that, especially in this profession, time is money and a date coming late to a meeting can mess up your entire schedule for the day, or it can sidetrack you from your plans.

You all have a very well-organized life, having to juggle with dates and personal problems, family, kids in some cases, and so on, so you can’t afford to take tardiness as a normal thing. You have to step it up and take measures to make sure your dates understand the importance of being on time.

Give him a reminder

First of all, when the two of you set up a date, make sure to ask your partner if he’s ok with you sending him a reminder through a text message, an email or he’s more ok with you giving him a call, in advance. Agree on a platform that he prefers most and that can offer him the discretion he’s looking for, and also agree to an hour when he’s ok receiving the reminder. You can even mask the reminder as a promotional message or email, so that he won’t have to worry about his partner reading the message.

Giving him a reminder with a day/an hour in advance is a precaution you take, to make sure your date will be on time and will not mess up your schedule. It’s too tiring for you to give reminders to all of your dates? Just focus on what your objectives are: to have satisfied partners that will want to see you again and to keep your professional life well organized.

Set a buffer time between dates

Setting a buffer time between dates allows you to show on time to a date, even though the last one prolonged due to different reasons. Also, by having some extra time saved between dates, you get to breath without running like crazy from one meeting to another.

If we’re talking about a regular date that seems to have a problem showing up on time, set up the date having in mind the fact that he usually is 10-15 minutes late. If he shows up later than 15 minutes, maybe you should reconsider him as a regular, because he can mess up your entire day and it may not be worth it. So, for an hour-long date, set up a window of an hour and a half. This way you know from the start that he is going to be late, you acknowledge that, and you plan your day accordingly.

Cut the date short

If he’s late, then that’s his loss! Talk to him in advance, when he books you for a date, about how important punctuality is for you and about the fact that by being late he gets to spend less time in your company, than he would normally do. Make your time together memorable, so that next time he won’t want to be late again and lose precious moments that he can spend having fun with you.

Be consistent and firm when it comes to setting up boundaries and rules. Your time is precious, and everyone should respect that. So, cut your losses short, choose who’s worthy of your time and try the tips we’ve mentioned above.

Let us know if our tips worked for you and tell us what measures you take when a date is constantly running late on you.


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JoAnn: 18 September 2020, 00:42

Great advice, thank you.
Ashleyofsicily69: 1 October 2020, 02:13

I once had a client that was always late and I do mean always and I tried everything to work around it. He got to where he was comfortable with being late, and I know it was my fault because I did not nip it in the bud when I should have. So I started cutting his time short and man oh man he did not like that. So I tried explaining to him that he is running me over into someone else's time. Which he wasn't because I never double book like that and I never book back to back I have to have some me time in between to unwind and to freshen up. Needless to say he did not stop running late so I cut him off. Like you said it just was not worth it to me. Everyone stay safe please and let's hear from some other ladies out there. 💋♥️
Charliieze: 12 October 2020, 07:13

I find that the Good Ol' '3 strikes and ure out' tends to work for me...
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