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How to look fresh all day. Makeup tips for escorts.

2 comments 14 Apr 2021

Hair, make-up, nails, these are the things that every escort can master even while sleeping, because are a big part of her daily routine. But trends are changing, and you need to keep track of all of them if you want to be relevant in this line of work.

A well-applied and well-chosen makeup can really make the difference when it comes to attracting more clients and getting more bookings, because whether we like it or not, the way we look and we present ourselves tops our erotic skills. The visual impact is the most important, because before getting to experience an escort’s amazing social and sexual skills, a potential client is looking for the wow factor, for that strong first impression, and a woman that knows how to look natural, fresh, sexy, elegant, naughty, sweet, wild, and so on, through her make-up, is a woman that will catch the eye of the right client to date.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to do your makeup, so that you can stay relevant with the latest trends while also keeping it classy and natural. Keep in mind that your makeup doesn’t have to speak for you, or overpower you, putting your personality in the shadow, it only has to underline what you are saying about yourself in your description.


      1.     Keep the bold colors for special occasions

Although you might be tempted to go for the bold red when it comes to lipstick choices, don’t go there! Instead opt for nude, neutral colors, that can keep your lips looking well hydrated, sexy, healthy, and fresh. Use bold colors, such as the infamous red lipstick for special occasions, like a special blowjob, where you want to offer a naughty image of you going down on your date, and to leave traces of your lipstick on his hard on.

Otherwise, red lipstick can cause only problems by running down on your face if you sweat or leaving undesired traces on your date’s clothes and so on. The ideal thing to do is use neutral colors or only a lip balm during the day and a more intense lipstick for the dates that you have at night.

2.     Learn to properly do your eyebrow makeup

The eyebrows, when are having a correctly applied makeup, can offer you a gorgeous, finished look. So, draw the empty spaces, apply a setting spray, and don’t overdo it by applying to much or too dark of a makeup on them. The eyebrows drawn correctly are creating the perfect frame for your sweet facial features and will last you throughout the entire day, no matter how hectic your schedule is.

3.     Say “NO” to fakes

From fake tanning to fake eyelashes and fake, huge, nails, all these tricks should be a thing of the past if you want to follow the current trend of natural looks with only one accent of color. Having huge eyelashes could be pretty fun and interesting when going to a club or partying the night away but carrying this look throughout the day may not be the best idea. Also, excess fake tanning it is not only unhealthy for your skin, but it also looks un-natural and weird, and makes you stand out in an undesired way. Try body sprays and always go for a hint darker than your skin, if your want to look gorgeous and natural.

4.     No glitter or shimmer

For a great day look go for a matte eye pallet and for a non-sticky lipstick. Glitter during the day is a big no, because it accentuates the fine lines of the skin and it makes us look even more tired than we actually are.

5.     No sweat with a blotting paper

When going from one date to another, or when we experience varying temperatures, our skin tends to go all shiny, especially on the T area of the face, so having a blotting paper in your purse may came in handy to remove the excess sweat and oil, and the obnoxious shine effect. Apply it straight to the sweaty area and press gently. Do not rub, just press it all over your oily areas of the skin. The effect is great and immediate.

Try our suggestions above and let us know what other makeup tips you might have to look classy but still sexy for your dates! We can’t wait to hear your feedback and try it ourselves.

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FINE CHYNA: 19 April 2021, 22:01

As for the glitter I used to like it but it's so not classy
Jennifer righter Weller: 6 May 2021, 21:13

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