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Improve your text to attract more clients

0 comments 24 Feb 2014

We live in a very visual-centred world and the escort industry is no different in this regard. We’ve previously discussed the importance of an updated and diverse gallery. However, focusing on your image should not make you neglect your texting either.


Your text is extremely important when it comes to search engine optimization, not to mention to your clients as well. Your homepage text, descriptions, headlines and / or blog should always be written with these two audiences in mind. Updating your text is also crucial. Without any further ado, here’s our 3 great tips to improving your text and increasing your traffic.


1. Write for your Clients

First and foremost, the text on your site is directed towards your patrons. It should be catchy but also informative. Write for your desired audience and know what would attract them. Don’t try to please everybody or you might end up turning others away. Be specific and write down your best traits. And, most importantly, don’t forget to put your text through a spellcheck program! That extra attention to detail could go a long way.


2. Get that Google Love

Your text should also be directed towards Google and other search engines and this is where Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) comes in. Do a little research. Put yourself in the shoes of a would-be client and think about what keywords he would use to find an escort in your area. It could be “Amsterdam Escort”, “Montmartre Escort” or, if he’s looking for a certain type, “Amsterdam BBW Escort”, "NYC ebony escort" etc. Think about the keywords that best describe you and try to add them to your site in a coherent text. Also use the most important keyword as the homepage title. Again, don’t just put them all there! You can’t please everyone, and Google might just perceive you as spam if you go over the top with your key-phrases.


3. Update Constantly

Last but not least, remember to always update your text the same way you update your gallery. Your clients will appreciate your polished profile and will get a more detailed image of who you really are. It’ll help gain their trust. You could also do this by writing a blog. Always having new content will not only help with your SEO, but it will also give your patrons a more refined impression of your persona – the Mata Hari of the 21st century. 


Don’t forget to always revise your text when you’re done and check that the phrases make sense and the spelling is correct. Remember to go back every 1-2 weeks and see what you can do to improve the text overall.
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