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Part. 2 How to make money out of social media

3 comments 02 Aug 2021

What excites the eye, excites the mind and body, and as a professional escort you know that best!

That’s why, our next article on how to grow from an escort queen to become an Instagram goddess, focuses on what other type of content you can create on your social media profile, so that you can attract the right crowd.

We are talking about the rich and famous, party guys looking for a gorgeous woman to share their adventures with – lots of fun, no obligations type of dates, the businessmen looking for an arm candy to join them on their business trips and why not, top sellers looking for an influential figure to promote their products and services.

       1.     Offer a sneak peek into your experiences

Instead of filling your social media with selfies, you can choose to use your profile as a window to an exciting world that others don’t get to see very often. Present an experience and people will want some of what you’ve got to offer.

If you are on a rooftop restaurant, instead of the typical food photo, you can do a photo with the awesome views you are enjoying. If you have an awesome ring to show, flash it in front of the camera, making it a natural part of the photo. This way you are not pushing a product in an aggressive way, you are just inserting that product into your lifestyle.

 People are searching for a visual experience that can excite them, so use the amazing possibilities that your busy, diverse escort life is offering you, to showcase all the experiences that you’re having, and people will follow. And the more they follow your content, the more chances you’ve got to attract business opportunities.

If you are into the great outdoors, and you love adventure and doing things in nature, then having a GoPro and using it while hiking, kayaking, rafting, snowboarding, diving and so on, it is another great opportunity of creating high quality content that will attract views and likes and will spark the interest of different companies looking to promote their products/services with you.

It is all in how you “dress” the experience to make it stand out and make it memorable. If your photo or video is generating an emotion, the desire to have that experience, then you’re on the right path of creating the social media content that will get you places!

2.     Don’t go for the crowd, go for a niche!

A general content meant to please everyone is a content that is surely going to fail, because when you address the crowd the chances of pleasing everyone are scarce and the chances for you to hit the target that you are actually interested in, is also small.

So, focus on the people you want to have as clients, or on people you think are genuinely interested in your lifestyle and your posts, and make your content for them. Always think of what your target audience wants to see, wants to discover, wants to learn, and offer them exactly that. Stay sincere, stay true to your personality, don’t be fake or act in a way you think others want you to be. Falseness is everywhere these days, so being authentic is something that is deeply appreciated.

So, instead of posting a photo where you are holding a fake purse, or a bouquet of roses that is not actually yours, why not focus on creating content where you share with others your tips and tricks for looking like a million bucks with less money or stating what you feel and what your desires are.

3.     A story is better than a sexy picture, in the long run!

While a sexy photo is hot indeed and attracts attention, that attention is directed to you for only a few seconds until another interesting thing appears. But you are not interested in a 5-minute type of fame, so focus on telling a story, if you want to stay memorable and to be seen as genuine and sincere.

Before starting to push services or products, start by just being yourself, sharing your life, your emotions, the way that some things are affecting you. Connect to your audience at a deeper level and only after you’ve gained their trust you can move on to recommending things and making money out of that.



What other useful tips do you have when it comes to your social media presence? Are you active on your profiles? Are you being real with sharing your life, your emotions, and the experiences you’re having? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this subject!


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Magdalena: 28 August 2021, 04:08

please give him the site as a gift and make it a visit for customers
Tracy juicy: 5 September 2021, 08:42

Wow thanks you , I lean something today from reading thanks you
Gege: 9 November 2021, 00:25

I get contacted by a lot of companies that want ambassadors. Meaning they want you to buy there products!! They say “you only have to pay for shipping “! Which can add up So annoying
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