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Safety tips on touring the world as a travel escort

1 comment 14 Dec 2020

       If you’re thinking about expanding your escort activity and include touring other countries in your service list, than staying safe while doing that must be one of your main concerns. Traveling has its risks wherever you choose on going, whether is another city in your own country, or a country on another continent. But many of the risks that traveling involves, may be avoided by staying well-informed, organized and by knowing and respecting the rules of the country you find yourself in.



     1.     Travel scams

Each country or part of the word has its own, specific scams. By reading about them in advance you have a general idea of what scammers are up to and you can easily react when you find yourself in a scamming situation.

      2.     Emergency information

When you travel abroad is very useful to make a list in advance with the most important phone numbers for local authorities, that you might need. So, print down on a piece of paper the phone number of the police, the ambulance and the nearest embassy for your country and then have that piece of paper laminated and placed in your wallet. This way, if something happens and you get flustered, or panicky, you can just grab the piece of paper and dial up the number you might be needing.

You can also write down the emergency phone numbers in your phone, in a note’s app or something like that. But always have it in two places in case one gets stollen or broken.

3.     A USB with your documents

Always have a backup with your most important documents. Use a small USB thumb drive to store copies of your identity card, passport, airplane tickets, driver’s license, anything that might get lost or stollen and you might need during your trip or for your return home. This way you will always have access to your documents.

4.     The official Ministry of External Affairs website

Go on an official Ministry of External Affairs website, or the U.S. Department of State website, if you are an American, and check out all the available information on the current political and social situation in the country you’re visiting. Keep in mind that these websites are designed to warn you off all that could go wrong, which is different to what is likely to go wrong while visiting that country.

5.     Travel Insurance

If you plan on traveling with expensive jewelry or other accessories, laptop, camera, and other gadgets, it may be a good idea to have them insured in advance. If you are planning on having a nomad year, going from country to country, an extended insurance will come in handy.

6.     Register with the Embassy

When you are a travel escort and you also happen to travel alone, unaccompanied by a person you know and trust, a good idea is to search in advance the location of your embassy, in the city you’re visiting and upon arrival to go at the embassy and register with them, letting them know of your arrival and getting free, reliable and up to date safety information from them. Not to mention that by registering with your embassy you get an extra level of security in case something happens.

7.     Make your itinerary known

When deciding to go on an escort trip choose a close and trustworthy friend or family member and send him your itinerary via email. Make sure that he gets it and check in from time to time, letting him know that you are safe. This way, if that person does not hear from you in a couple of days can notify the embassy and the local authorities.

8.     Sharing is not always carrying

Locals tend to ask a lot of questions when you travel abroad. They may ask you whether you are traveling there for the first time or not, at what hotel are you staying and so on. Keep it vague and lye if you must, because if you say you’re for the first time there, that may mark you as an easy target to get scammed. Do not say where you’re staying, be vague about it, because you don’t want to be targeted for a rubbery.

9.     Know the norm

You are a gorgeous, sexy woman, but that doesn’t mean you have to display it all. Always be aware of the dress code and the norms of the country, regarding drinking alcohol, smoking in public and dressing properly. Keep it classy and decent and reveal just enough to get your date interested, without offending the locals.

10.  Keep your bag close

Never place your bag in a reachable place, always have it by your side, in close contact to you, wear it cross-body, or keep it in your lap. Of course, you won’t have to do that when dining in a luxurious restaurant but stay safe while outside.

11.  Self-defense is important

If you plan to be a travel escort knowing how to take care of yourself is vital. Keep a pepper spray in your bag and learn some self-defense moves when you need to protect yourself. Krav Maga is a good choice of sport that gives you some moves, useful for physical confrontations.

But keep in mind that you attack only with the purpose of escaping. If you are threatened with a knife or a gun by someone that wants your phone or your wallet, just give it to them and run away.

12.  Keep emergency cash

Do not place all your money in the same place. Always keep an emergency stash in two different places. Put 200-300 euro aside and hide them in a hidden compartment, like a hairbrush or roll them into a chapstick container.


We hope our travel advice will come in handy to you. Let us know if there are other extra safety measures you are taking to make your traveling safer!


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Karmen: 18 December 2020, 23:55

Thanks for this advice!
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