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Social Cues and how to “READ” your clients!

5 comments 01 Feb 2022

Being able to pick up on social cues (the things that are happening around us, as clues to how we should act) is a skill that all escorts that want to be more than simple providers, should master.

Many would say that when you’re an escort everything revolves around one thing: sexual intercourse. But what not everyone knows is that being great at sex is not the number one skill that makes an escort unique and truly memorable.

Instead of knowing how to pick up on social cues – in simple terms knowing how to read the man standing in front of you, being well-aware of his body language, being able to listen and hear what he says directly to your face, but most importantly, what he’s communicating to you indirectly, is what can make you a TOP ESCORT!

Besides knowing how to really look and see the person in front of you, another important thing is “reading” the space you’re in – gathering valuable information from everything that’s around you, to help you know how to act, speak, gesture, what tone of voice to use, know what’s acceptable and what’s not and so on.

Always look around you, at the space you’re entering – it could be a restaurant, a theatre hall, a dance floor, a boat party, a sex dungeon, or simply the room of the client you’re seeing. Look at everything with the eye of a detective – see how the lighting is, the type of music playing in the background, the messiness or tidiness of the room, the color scheme, the general vibe, and use all that to shape your reaction, topics of discussion, way to handle the date and so on.

You could just be average at sex, but if you know how to actively listen to your partner and react according to his body language and non-verbal communication, will offer him something more than just a quick release, you will leave him fully satisfied on a deeper level!

He will feel proud, manly, listened, empowered, all these and so much more, only if you know how to play your cards right…..and all that, sometimes without even having to go down on all four .

1.     Eye contact

Look into your client’s eyes when talking to him. Take your time to make small talk at the beginning of the date, and don’t forget to make eye contact, all while touching his hand. This way you show him that you’re totally engaged into the conversation and that he has your full attention.

But if you see him looking away, and not holding your gaze, then that’s a sign that he’s in discomfort or that his mind is somewhere else. This is the moment when you need to change tactics, maybe take it more slowly or going deep into the problem, by asking him specifics about how he envisions your time together. Alure his mind back to you, and you’ve got him!

2.     Body language

When the man that booked you enters the room having his arms crossed, that’s a sign that his reluctant to something, maybe he’s rethinking the decision to see an escort, or something doesn’t feel right to him. Use this info in your advantage and act accordingly, showing him that you are in fact what he wants and needs.

3.     Facial expression

Sometimes when tiredness occurs, especially after a long day or a full week, your body can go into the robotic mood, giving your mind some time to rest. But no client likes to pay for a date that is not authentic, that doesn’t put passion in what she does.

So, don’t let your guard down, not even for a second, and look for reassurance that he enjoys his time with you – from his facial expression to his body movements and the sounds he’s making.

4.     Gestures

Look closely at the man in front of you. He may be the third guy you’re seeing today, or you just might be exhausted and want to get it all over with, but we promise it will be worth it. Just slow down from the constant rush you’re trapped in, and just take a moment to actually look at the guy standing in front of you.

See if he has nervous hand gestures if he has a nervous leg movement while sitting down, if he seems flushed, or if he tries his best to look fearless. Look beneath the appearance, the mask we all wear, and you will have the power, because you will understand the man in front of you and his real needs.

Maybe he wants to be dominated but doesn’t know how to ask for it or how to surrender control, maybe he lacks attention and listening to him talking will count for him more than sex, maybe he needs soft touches and caresses. You can’t know it if you don’t stop and look!



Are you paying special attention to social cues/signals, and reading the man you’re dating? Do you think this could help improve your interaction with your clients, increase their level of satisfaction and even make them come back again? Can’t wait to hear your opinion on this subject!

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Emerald Pay2Play Desires. LLC: 3 February 2022, 18:59

Nice I’ll update my girls
Ella Autumn: 4 February 2022, 08:38

Awesome 💯 this is gonna help me fr
sassysarah1122: 21 February 2022, 14:09

Great post thank you alot of good information in here.
Fabulous Fiona A Cut Above!: 1 March 2022, 08:48

I have gotten reAlly good over time at practicing these skills and that will get you repeat clients or regular ad were like to call them. I have the ability to make them feel like they are the most important perch in my world for the time we are together. With any social situation you will find clients that you really enjoy and you click. That is awesome!! Yaye for you! It makes your job as a sex worker feel like it’s fun and take job. These will be your best clients. That will come back and see you time after time because you have chemistry with them. That is great but always remember it’s your business! Done start thinking that they Will leave their wife for you, they won’t. But do enjoy your special relationship you’ve cultivated with them with their paid time. Because you may start to consider them “friends” you may be tempted to give them services you normally charge extra for or give extra time and not charge for it. Don’t fall into this trap. You must always remember that they are your clients, not your friends. They have come to you because they are missing something they are not gains in their personal lives. It’s you’r you’r job to deliver and get paid. They will never be your friend, they are all just paid dates. I have always been reallly skilled at assessing people’s needs and delivering what they need. That is why I have a good amount of return visitors. In order to be a great escort, you need to be a skilled communicator and listener. When they walk in that door you have about 5 minutes to assess their needs and deliver before they want your clothes off! Unless I get special requests I start all my half hour sessions the same way. With a very good bbbj. My clients are older because I’m in SW Florida, land of the retiree so many are too old or tired for full service so I always begin my session with that. And many times that’s ask that They want. Just A very good blowjob!! They are smiling ear to ear after they cum and many of these old men are on medication that makes a hard on and even ejaculation nearly impossible. I fine if They are older they usually want a taste of Miss Kitty and are very good at it. I am the worlds best actress and every client believed they have can you come and they are happy to do it and I let them think they do every time. It’s pleasing a woman because They can’t perform anymore. So I find that Introducing them to Miss Kitty and a skilled blow job works every time and they leave very happy. So my advice is to get to know your average client. You will notice a pattern. For me, being a mature provider at 56 my aversge client is in his mid 60’s-70’s, likes a lot of touch, a great bbbj, and to please Miss Kitty. I also offer a therapeutic massage to my hour clients which eats up around a good half hour. Also take your time with the tease! Yes, I understand there will be days you’re tired or have a client whose a pain in the ass and you want them gone like right after they pay. I get it! And believe me, I have my bad days too but In our line of work they are paying a lot of money to have their Fantasy fulfilled and it is our job to deliver. So my advice to you ladies please don’t rush clients out the door. Give them the time they pay for and I’ll come back for more. Every time This has been my experience as a call Progress with whatever you wanna call off. I have over 30 years of experience in this industry and a lot of long way and the one thing that you want is a good review I have a client. And then you’ll have a lot of return business seeing you with your an area like I am not a seasonal. Staying in the summertime when I don’t get my new clients. I count on them. They had a meeting because my business. So make them feel special every time for everyone and you’ll be successful with us. Good time Progress with whatever you wanna call off. I have over 30 years of experience in this industry and a lot of long way and the one thing that you want is a good review I have a client. And then you’ll have a lot of return business seeing you with your an area like I am not a seasonal. Staying in the summertime when I don’t get my new clients. I count on them. They had a meeting because my business. So make them feel special every time for everyone and you’ll be successful in this industry and you’re business will grow, you’ll get customer referals, good reviews which are very important, and most important repeat clients which will carry you during the slow times and even the most successful providers have slow times, cancellations, and no shows. It comes with this business. So put the work in by answering those annoying texts, emails, aka phone calls, get to know your client and treat them like a king, like they are the most important person in your world For the hour or however much time you share together, be fun, upbeat, accommodating And gracious and your business will grow and you will gain repeat clients that will review you well and pay you well. Don’t expect every client you see to become a regular. Many men like to see a decent lady every time and that is ok. I have regulArs who visit me twice a year but when they visit my area they will always call me. I have the monthly guys, the bi-weekly guts and every now and again I get the ones who see me every week. My service isn’t cheap so I cherish t regular clients and so should you. Happy expressions and stay safe and prosper!! XOXO FIONA XOXO
Escortelaurentide Aphrodite: 21 March 2022, 17:18

genial merci un bon post a lire !
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