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What Is SEO And How Can It Help My Business?

1 comment 09 Apr 2015

That’s a question we often hear from agencies and escorts when they first set up their websites. Even some companions who have owned a domain for quite a while still struggle with the concept. That’s why we’re here today to give you the ABCs of SEO and teach you a couple of tricks on how you could use it to create the best escort websites on the Web!

First of all, what is SEO? Well, SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimization”. It’s a series of techniques that you can use to make your website rank well among search engines (in this case, Google). Google’s the big cheese of search engines. So, basically, the content that you upload on your website has two important targets: first off, your customers, and secondly, Google.

“What does that mean exactly?” Well, while a client might be able to tell what hair color you have from your pictures, Google can only tell from your text. So, if you write on your website that you are a “Los Angeles blonde escort”, you’ll appear in search for that particular phrase. These are keywords – things that make you a unique equation: location, hair color, body type, ethnicity, type of escort etc.

“So all I have to do is use keywords everywhere?” Well, no. Google can tell when you’re spamming, so you still want to produce quality content. That means mixing your keywords wherever possible in your Page Titles, Descriptions and even Blog. You can also use the same keywords on social media, like in your Twitter description for example. Be consistent and aim for quality text. 

Do I only do that once? No, you cannot write your text once and for all because old text has the same value as spam. You need to constantly update your site and keep it fresh – from descriptions to photos and videos. Keep your content new, both for your customers and for Google.

This is exactly where a blog comes in handy. Because you can’t always update your website, writing a blog post every now and then is great for your SEO and your overall advertising. Market for those events coming up in your area this year or for the ultimate escort experience. Be detailed and use a couple of keywords to help your cause out, whether you’re an independent escort or an agency. Adding a couple of pictures to the post as well will certainly make it more attractive.

We hope this information has been helpful to those of you new to this, and a nice reminder to update your site for those of you more experienced. Good luck optimizing, everyone! 

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ESCORT PLAISIR ABIDJAN: 17 April 2015, 15:13

coooooool, continuer ainsi vous etes une agence magnifique
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