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What’s your escort investment plan?

4 comments 16 May 2023

You are working in the escorting industry and crushing it, you’re fully booked, the regulars are starting to pile in, the requests for high-end dates are more and more, and your escorting future is brighter than ever.

But what’s next? What’s next for you in your agenda? What is your long-term plan, what are your investment ideas and how do you picture yourself in ten, twenty years, to put it in HR language?!

The steps towards an investment plan:

1.  Fulfill your basic needs. -> 2. Indulge yourself for a while -> 3. Invest in your escort activity -> 4. Invest in your future.

The short-term necessities are the ones that need to be fulfilled first so that you can bother to think about the future, so what is that line; have you set yourself a milestone that when it is crossed you know it is time to start thinking in the long run?

First of all, what you need to do is make a list of all the things that you need to cover with your monthly income – from living expenses to tuition, classes/education, beauty services, shopping and traveling.

After you know the sum of money you need to produce every month so that your basic needs are being met and so are your basic pleasures (like going to a hair salon, buying some lingerie, having a massage), you can have a general idea of what you should produce monthly to make a profit.

Now, thinking of investing your profit right after you start to make some extra money is not realistic, because, after years of living on a tight budget, you may feel the need to splurge a little. So, give yourself a couple of months to do with the extra money that your heart desires – maybe go on a shopping spree, change some décor elements in your house, take a trip, or have a relaxing vacation.

After you get those out of your system you can start thinking of how you can invest your revenue.

The first thing to do is reinvest in your escorting activity. Buy some nice lingerie and toys, if you do incalls you can think of making some changes to upgrade the room you’re using to meet your dates, pay for a professional photo shoot, invest in your own escort website, and pay for some advertising.

By investing your money in your escorting activity, you offer yourself a guarantee that more money will be coming your way.

After you’ve set up a monthly plan that allows you to promote yourself as a top escort, you can start thinking of a long-term investment plan for your finances. You know best what you’re interested in investing in, but there are two things that we want to say to you:

1.  Don’t invest all your money in one thing, instead choose to make different investments, so that if one turns south, you can still rely on the other investment. For example, don’t invest all you have into buying real estate or into buying a business (a hair salon for example), instead do both!

2.  Use a financial advisor that knows the market best and can advise you accordingly.

No matter what you decide to do with your hard-earned money, following the steps we’ve mentioned above is vital if you want to have a consistent financial backup plan.

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Cocokhloe23: 21 May 2023, 12:53

Very informative piece❣
Missjademk: 15 June 2023, 21:43

Thank you for the imfo very helpful
stephen_rodrigues: 29 August 2023, 11:45

Well said and it deserves that…
Thassia VIP: 15 February 2024, 22:35

Thank you for the Advice!
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