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Event Escorting: The Cannes Film Festival

1 comment 17 Apr 2015

If you want to travel and become one of the select elite escorts of the world, you have to invest time and patience. You also have to learn how to use Google and have a card on-hand to book your airplane tickets! Of course, leaving your town and starting to tour on a whim won’t be of any help. We pointed out the basics of event escorting in a previous post, and we emphasized on events taking place in your town or general area. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to that. It all depends on your comfort levels and on how far you’re willing to go.

You see, there are lots of events happening around the world that should draw the eyes of many escorts. These are events that lots of wealthy and carefree men of influence visit on a constant basis, and you just might find new patrons while you’re there.

The same rules apply as with the events taking place in your area. You have to advertise in advance and do it on a constant basis until the actual event. However, to help you out, we’re going tell you about one of the coolest escorting events taking place this spring, one that you should definitely cater to.

The International Cannes Film Festival 2015

Beginning on the 13th of May and ending on the 24this a festival you should not miss if you’re a touring escort or are a companion interested in touring. Cannes is an absolutely gorgeous town in France that is overrun with wealthy people of influence during its famous film festival.  But bear in mind that the competition is heavy since many escorts already have encounters scheduled for next month. You can’t just go to Cannes with your hands in your pockets. You have to advertise your services there in advance, book your meetings, receive your clients’ deposits and then you can plan your transportation and accommodation. Don’t rely on spending your nights at your clients’ hotels necessarily. Plus, you need a place to leave all your luggage.    

If you have any day off during the festival, you should experience the Cannes nightlife. Go to clubs such as Baoli and Le Night or even strip clubs like L’Oasis, Barracuda and Villa Fuga. You might meet new clients there, so take advantage of the wild night life!

Think that it’s not worth the investment? Well, it’s true that in order to prepare for such an event you have to really do a lot of work. First of all, you have to look at what other escorts are doing. Google ‘Cannes escorts’ and you’ll find plenty of material to occupy your time. And then you have to mirror those escorts. Post ads, find clients, get booked. It’s worth the effort, trust us! Some of the most successful escorts earn a whopping $40,000 a night! People walk around there with 10k wads in their pockets. So, how does a trip to France sound like now? 

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ESCORT PLAISIR ABIDJAN: 17 April 2015, 15:11

coooooool, magnifique et splandide continuer ainsi
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