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Resort Escorting: Time To Take a Trip!

1 comment 08 May 2015

If you haven’t had time to book anything for the Cannes Festival, don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time to prepare for the awesome summer most of you have coming and take a trip that will pay for itself.

Most escorts are complete workaholics and it makes sense because you can never be really sure how long you’ll have clients or how profitable your endeavor will be in a couple of years. The competition is tough, the advertising environment is shady and you always have to be on your tip toes to make it through and ensure a great future for yourself. But sometimes you just need to take a vacation, and why not make the best of both worlds and enjoy a trip that pays for itself?

A lot of escorts go touring, travelling from city to city for a couple of days and setting up shop in a hotel. Using escort directories, you can find clients almost anywhere if you just consider a few facts in advance. So, why not look to get booked somewhere near a beach, at a nice resort or even somewhere in the mountains where you can ski? It doesn’t all have to be about the work.

Why would I look for clients on my vacation? Well, it’s true that you should find your moments to relax, but bear in mind that high-class resorts usually cater to rich patrons, who probably wouldn’t mind a little action on their business trips. Fun and productive is what such a trip would be all about.

How would I organize this vacation? The same way you would prepare for any other tour or event in your town or other cities - you have to think about the destination in advance and start advertising your trip and presence at a particular resort. You should do so on your website, on escort directories, on your blog, as well as your social media account. Also, remember that even if you’re booked every night, you should make sure you have your own personal accommodations, a place where you can leave your luggage, take a nap or ‘just in case’. Don’t count on your clients to ensure everything.

What rates should I ask for? Well, the rates really depend on how much time you’re willing to spend with prospective clients. If you book an entire weekend with a patron, it’s very important to ask for a deposit, which you should receive well in advance over PayPal. 20% should be good enough, but again, it really depends on the resort you’re going to, and how much you’re willing to pay for yourself. After all, if this is a vacation, you should be able to pay for the trip even if you don’t find any customers. Compared to event escorting, you’re actually trying to get some rest and relaxation here.

Anything else I should keep in mind? Well, having one of your prospective clients pay for your flight is something you can easily do with businessmen. Many of them have frequent flyer miles since they travel a lot, so they should be able to accommodate you from this point of view. Also, remember to tip well at your hotel and you could easily get upgraded to a better suite. Renting an apartment might be a more discreet option and sometimes even a cheaper one, however.

One final thing we can suggest you do on your vacation is to experiment! For a couple of days you can try to adapt your escort persona and create a whole new femme fatale. See what gets the gents going and have fun with it. Have an amazing escort vacation! 

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Misha Cox: 8 May 2015, 13:49

I've been doing this vacation escorting for years and it's a great way to make money, meet wealthy men and see new places.
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