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Bad dating manners and how to fight them!

no comments 10 Mar 2021

As a professional escort you’ve probably been on tens of dates, seen all kind of men and been exposed to all kind of behaviors. But how many of those dates could you rate as being a ten out of ten? The fact is that most men, and women if we ...

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Sexual fitness that can tighten your vagina

4 comments 23 Feb 2021

If you’re chasing the perfect orgasm that can drive men crazy with lust, making them look for you for a second date, then there’s a little thing called sexual fitness that you need to try. Sexual fitness is all about working a couple of little-known muscles that play a major role ...

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Paying with Bitcoin in 3 fast and easy steps

5 comments 12 Feb 2021

Bitcoin payments in the escorting world is now a reality and something that more and more players in this industry are trying to implement, and the reasons are simple: it’s an easy, discreet, fast and chargeback-free, way of paying for services or being paid for a purchase. Paying with a ...

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5 apps that will improve your lifestyle

2 comments 02 Feb 2021

As an escort, having a well-balanced work-personal life is almost an impossible thing to hope for. Some days may have more bookings than others, other days may be more emotionally challenging due to your client’s strong personalities, while other days may be slower, giving us the sense that we haven’t ...

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Cleanse your mind and body of negative energy

4 comments 22 Dec 2020

  Each person that you date dumps his negative vibes and energies your way, leaving you charged, anxious and lacking your own positive energy. Learn how to clean away all the residues your dates are throwing your way and stay happy, positive, and full of life.  Every one of us comes with ...

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