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How to deal with dates that are always late

3 comments 17 Sep 2020

      Nothing is more infuriating then a date running late and turning that into a habit. We all know that guy that just can’t be on time no matter what, or the guy that not only is late to a date, but also doesn’t feel like announcing you in advance via ...

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Are you setting the right fees for your services?

4 comments 18 Aug 2020

    Setting the right price for your time and companionship as a professional escort, can be a pretty difficult thing to do, at least for a beginner, that doesn’t know the market yet. You don’t want to set the bar too high, because you want to start attracting some clients your ...

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Take a break! The 4 ways your body’s telling you to stop and breath

2 comments 28 Jul 2020

  Being an escort is not a 9 to 5 job, we all know that, and most professional companions have managed to be ok with not knowing when their next free days will be, or when they will be able to take a vacation with no contact what’s so ever with ...

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The guide that every escort should have on her website

10 comments 01 Jul 2020

  Rude clients, guys that invite their friends on your escort date, the “cancel without notification” guys, the “no boundaries” dates, yeah darling, we’ve all been there and dealt with that type of man and we know that, sadly, you still have to face this type of rude behavior from time ...

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Tips and apps that help you take the best selfies

1 comment 05 Jun 2020

  The way you look is your business card and having a top-notch photo book is very important in the escorting line of work. Also, knowing how to use social media in your advantage is a major plus, because it projects an image of luxury, sophistication, exclusivity and professionalism, that attracts ...

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